I was always taught that hard work pays off. But what happens when it doesn’t? You work And work and work for something you wish for so bad but it just isn’t happening for you. Then what? 

You change your tactics. You set your standards higher. You put to action those late night ideas that swirl in you head when you are trying to sleep. There is a reason it’s not happening for you. And you know what it is. So what are you going to do about it? Work harder. Do more. Time management. Start the convo. Kick away the fear because you truly believe you can. 

So many times I find myself making excuses. Or not starting the project until I have the pieces in place. I am so much more powerful than that. You mind is the smartest computer you own, use it to its full capacity. Stop wasting time. Stop wasting money. Keep your head down and work harder. You know what you have to do, what you have to change, tweak, let go. It will happen for you. 



Published by

Tess O.

I grew up in Michigan with 4 sisters close in age. We had a blast but by the time High School ended I was ready to become my own person. Thanks to my very supportive parents I selected a school in Sunny Florida and moved there at the age of 18 not knowing a soul. I did not realize what a huge pivotal step in my life that would be. 4 years went by way to quickly, my best friend Hannah became a part of me, she is my family, an additional sister. I also met my husband who is amazingly the man of my dreams. We now live in Northern California right outside of San Francisco and I feel my life could not be better.

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